S-oxprenolol (ACM-002)

S-oxprenolol (ACM-002) shares a similar pharmacology to S-pindolol. 

Actimed has licensed the global rights to S-oxprenolol and retained rights in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), where loss of body mass and muscle wasting can impact survival. ALS is a devastating ultra-orphan disease of high, unmet medical need with mean survival of 3.5 years.

In pre-clinical ALS models, S-oxprenolol has demonstrated significant benefits including slowing disease progression, improvement in survival, attenuation of muscle loss, motor neuron protection, reduction in loss of body mass and improvements in lean body mass1.

For cancer cachexia and other indications outside of ALS, Actimed has licensed the global rights to develop and commercialise S-oxprenolol to Faraday Pharmaceuticals.


1Suzuki et al, JCSM 2018; 9, 183-212. (Poster 5-17, page 200)