Mode of action

• β-1receptor antagonism that blocks catabolism
• Increased anabolism, through partial β2 receptor agonism. β-2 agonist effect that can grow muscle
• 5-HT1A effects that can stimulate appetite and thereby improve overall patients outcomes as well as improving fatigue.

Anticatabolic and pro-anabolic pharmacological effects highly advantaged candidate for development in cancer cachexia.



Pötsch MS, Tschirner A, Palus S, von Haehling S, Doehner W, Beadle J, Coats AJ, Anker SD, Springer J. The anabolic catabolic transforming agent (ACTA) espindolol increases muscle mass and decreases fat mass in old rats. J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle. 2014 Jun;5(2):149-58

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